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Personal development opportunities - 15 April 2020

Opportunities for personal development whilst in lockdown for COVID-19. SFMCA Advanced Feedmill Training Course - Self paced online learning

People's workloads will be at varying levels during this period of COVID-19 along with their downtime after work. We would like to highlight the opportunity that is available to every staff member to use their downtime for some personal development by completing the SFMCA Advanced Feedmill Training Course should they wish to. This program is a self paced online course that can be completed at any time.

The modules below outline the full training program.

Module 1 – Introduction to feed milling

Module 2 – Receival, handling and storage

Module 3 – Particle size reduction

Module 4 – Ingredient batching and mixing

Module 5 – Pelleting

Module 6 – Finished feed storage and handling

Download the full program here for greater detail or contact University of Queensland to enrol.

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