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ADM Australia (Archer Daniels Midland Company) - Animal Nutrition

Founded in 1991, ADM Australia Pty Ltd serves customers throughout the Pacific Rim, including New Zealand and the South Pacific. ADM Australia has sales offices in Sydney and Brisbane as well as distribution centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin. We also work with a national logistics company, which enables us to efficiently serve customers throughout the country.

For the animal feed industry, we offer specialty feed ingredients, such as lysine, threonine and soy protein concentrate, which are used primarily in chicken, fish and pig feeds.

Mr Ashley McAllister

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ADM Australia (Archer Daniels Midland Company) - Grain

ADM Trading Australia Pty Ltd operates in both the export and domestic feed markets from farm/bulk handler to destination. Specifically focused on wheat, sorghum, barley and canola, ADM participates in the nations' delivered market zones supplying stock feed mills, feedlots and poultry operations. Supported by an experienced logistics and national grain accumulation team, ADM is well positioned to serve your whole grain requirements.


Peter Sidley

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Biomin Pty Ltd

We at Biomin are dedicated to finding innovative, trend-setting solutions that empower our customers to master existing and future challenges in animal nutrition – the natural way.

The application of our scientific know-how and expertise, based on an in depth understanding of our customer’s needs and concerns, enables us to deliver solutions that support animal health, optimize performance and production efficiency.


Mycofix ® – an innovative solution for mycotoxin risk management based on a unique mode of action of adsorption, biotransformation and bioprotection.

Poultry Star ® – effective solution that supports poultry gut health with probiotics in synergistic combination with prebiotics to promote favourable gut microflora.

Biotronic ® – to improve feed and water hygiene. A combination of acting acids and salts reduces feed buffer and inhibits microbial growth.

Biomin P.E.P ® – powerful phytogenic solution actively supporting animal performance. The combination of essential oils and prebiotics to optimise digestion and improve feed conversion.

All products are manufactured under controlled processes to meet GMP, HACCP, ISO and QS standards for the stockfeed industry.

Neil Gannon
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Customvac Australia

Customvac have over 25 years experience in Pneumatic Transfer and Feed Transport equipment across Australia & the Asia-Pacific region. The business has broad-based experience and equipment systems to suit applications in the Milling, Feed Transport, Bulk Materials Handling and Grain Storage sectors.

Customvac’s expertise, equipment & services includes:

• Walinga Airlock & Blower Systems for mobile & fixed plant
• Walinga Ultra-Lite Hopper Trailers for on-road feed transport
• Blower Trailer Fit-outs & Kits to suit feed & granular materials 
• Pneumatic Suction/Blower Conveyors for grain & bulk commodities 
• Central-Vac Clean-up Systems for mills & factories
• Blow-only Transfer Units for silo filling 
• Stored Grain Quality Management (Controlled Aeration)

Customvac operate from locations in Toowoomba, Queensland (covering Eastern Australia & International) and Perth (Western Australia).

David Sinclair
Phone: 07 4634 7344 or 1800 242 699
Fax: 07 4634 7606
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Elanco Australasia

Elanco is a global leader in the discovery and development of products that improve the health and efficiency of livestock production. The company markets a number of industry-standard feed additives and veterinary pharmaceuticals used in the Australian dairy, feedlot, pork and poultry industries, including Rumensin®, Tylan®, Naravin®, Paylean®, Surmax®, Elancoban®, Maxiban® and Monteban®. These products are manufactured to world-class quality standards and are free of ruminant source material (RSM). Elanco provides stockfeed manufacturers with an unmatched level of technical training and support, including a free assay service.

Simon Lakin

Phone: 0418 240 291

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Feedworks Pty Ltd

Feedworks Pty Ltd is an Australian owned partnership aimed at linking the best feed ingredients and technologies sourced from quality suppliers globally. This allows us to optimise value for our customers in the stockfeed and animal production industries in Australia, New Zealand & Oceania region.

Key examples of Feedworks approach include products like Avizyme, Porzyme and Phyzyme enzymes plus Betafin betaine (Danisco Animal Nutrition), Acid Buf (Celtic Sea Minerals), Bredol emulsifiers (Akzo Nobel),Elitox toxin deativators and others (Impextraco BV), Bos Koolus (Feedworks) and milling/liquid application systems (PLP Italy).Other quality products come from key suppliers like Diamond V Inc., QualiTech Inc., Ralco Corp, Realistic Ag, International Stock Foods Inc, Feed Logic Inc. Desert King Inc. Agolin SA, Microtracers Inc., Micronutrients Inc. and Ballard Group Inc.

Feedworks motto is “Performance through Science”. This symbolises Feedworks approach to working with customers, suppliers and the scientific community. Feedworks and its staff take great pride in its ability to introduce new technologies and then to see their development through research, market investigation and finally to commercialisation. The development and technical support of new products and technologies coupled with existing established products offers the right combination to both customers and suppliers

Malcolm Mottram, Managing Partner
Phone: 03 5429 2411 or 0407 366 118
Fax: 03 5429 2433
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GrainCorps Oilseeds

Graincorp Oilseeds is a group of regionally located plants that crush locally grown oilseeds to produce oil and feed meal products for domestic and international markets.

Plants located in Numurkah in Northern Victoria and Pinjarra in Western Australia.

Brendan Farrer
Phone: 0427 170 097
Fax: 08 8733 4035
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Kemin AgriFoods

Kemin began operations in the USA in 1961 and is now a worldwide supplier of liquid & powdered specialty feed additives and application equipment including:

• Mould inhibitors: Myco CURB®
• Mycotoxin binders: TOXfIN™
• Salmonella inhibitors: Sal CURB®
• Feed acidifiers: Acid LAC®
• Antioxidants: Endox & Rendox™
• Feed enzymes: Kemzyme®
• Natural pigments: Orange GLO® Oro GLO® & Kem GLO®
• Surfactants & emulsifiers: Mycoflake & Kem WET™
• Gut acting emulsifiers: Lysoforte™
• Probiotics: CloSTAT™
• Organic minerals: KemZIN™ & KemTRACE™
• Silage inoculants & preservatives : Kem LAC® & Silage SAVOR®
• Hay preservatives : Fresh CUT™

Matthew Henry
Phone: 02 9482 2357 or 0439 136 602
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Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lallemand Inc. a Canadian company, specialising in the development production, and marketing of yeasts and bacteria. Lallemand Animal Nutrition is concerned with natural and differentiated solutions for animal nutrition and health. Our core products are live bacteria for direct fed microbials and silage inoculants, live specific yeasts, and high value yeast derivatives.

Our objective is to develop and offer products and services that bring value to the producer while respecting the environment and the balance of ecosystems, answering growing consumer demand for safe and natural food and ingredients.

Our current range of products have been developed for use across the beef, dairy, pig and poultry markets and includes Levucell SC20, Levucell SB20, Agrimos and Alkosel.

Phone: 1300 247 448
Fax: 07 5451 0135
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PSC Griffiths Goodall Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

Griffiths Goodall Insurance Brokers are committed to providing the very best in insurance broking services. GGIB is a member of the National Insurance Brokers Association as well as the Insurance Brokers Network of Australia. GGIB was formed in 1989 and services a wide range of clientele spanning all over Australia. The brokerage philosophy is based upon the principal of providing well researched advice with a professional and personal approach. Products: Public and Product Liability Cover for stock feed manufacturers, General Insurance, Life Insurance.


John Griffiths or Benjamin Goodall
Phone: 03 5821 7777
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