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 Thursday, 28 May 2015  

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Welcome to the Stock Feed Manufacturers' Council of Australia

The Stock Feed Manufacturers' Council of Australia (SFMCA) represents feed milling companies throughout Australia. SFMCA members manufacture over 5,500,000 tonnes of feed annually; this is principally feed which is supplied to commercial poultry, pig, beef, dairy, sheep, horse, aquaculture and household livestock producers.

SFMCA members operate 122 feed milling sites located in all States of Australia. The number of mills and volume of feed manufactured represents over 90% of all commercial feed sold within Australia.

The SFMCA is a member of the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF).

What's new!

Event (7 May 2015)
SFMA Vic Dairy Forum and Joint grains focus meeting with GIAV
Dairy Forum organised by the Stock Feed Manufacturers' Association of Victoria on 24th June 2015 at the Ballarat Lodge & Convention Centre. The next day a combined SFMA Vic and GIAV members meeting is being held focusing on the grains industry and grain supply and trade issues.Go to tne next page to access the forum brochure including program and registration form.

Issues Update (17 Apr 2015)
Issues Update March 2015 Members Section
March 2015 edition of issues being addressed through the SFMCA Federal Council

News Article (9 Feb 2015)
Feed Grain Partnership website and Factsheets
The FGP website looks at the oragnisations objectives as well as providing useful information about Australian feed grain use. Industry data reports are provided as well as Fact sheets look at research work and results obtained in animal feeding research.

Document (20 Jan 2015)
2014 Energy Survey Report
This survey conducted by the SFMCA provides energy use data from 43 Australian feed mills manufacturing over 3.5MMT of feed. The data looks at both energy use and cost as well as calculated CO2 emissions from the feed manufacturing process. 2014 was the third year this survey has been completed.

News Article (19 Dec 2014)
SFMA Vic New Life Member
Ian Reid is presented with Life Membership from SFMA Vic and Trevor Tovey receives an Industry Recognition Award.

Issues Update (19 Dec 2014)
SFMCA Issues Update - December 2014 Members Section

News Article (24 Apr 2014)
2014 SFMCA Development Award Winners Announced
The five state winners have been announced and they will be presented with their awards as part of the Australasian Milling Conference.

Document (9 Aug 2013)
SFMCA Submission - WIAT Inquiry grain stocks information
This SFMCA submission made to the Wheat Industry Advisory Taskforce argues for the release of wheat stocks information by the bulk handling companies.

News Article (22 May 2013)
APVMA issued a self-help tool for veterinary product registration.
Often suppliers of feed supplements and additives are uncertain as to wether they need to register their product for sale within Australia. The APVMA has initiated a self-help tool for companies to assess their products and the need for registration.

News Article (22 Apr 2013)
Dairy Stockfeed Economic Analysis Report - Media Release
A new report has identified that Victorian dairy farmer’s gain an added $110M annually from the use of concentrate feeds.

Document (22 Apr 2013)
Dairy Stockfeed Economic Analysis Report
SFMA Vic has released a report on the economic benefits of using dairy concentrates. This independent report identifies that use of dairy concentrates annually increases Victorian dairy farm profitability by $110M or for the average dairy farm $24,036.

Document (22 Apr 2013)
News Article - Concentrate feeds add $435m to milk income
At Birregurra, in Victoria’s southwest, concentrates have proven crucial in maintaining the health and productivity of John and Clare Cotton’s dairy herd.

Document (22 Apr 2013)
Dairy returns from stockfeed on the rise
Berrigan dairy farmer Ken Clark says feeding cows well is essential to get the most from improved herd genetics.

Document (22 Apr 2013)
News Article - Concentrate feeds lift dairy incomes
Gippsland dairy farmer Grant Williams says grain-based concentrates increase production and also help to maintain the health of his cows.

Market Report (26 Mar 2013)
AOF Canola & Juncea Fact Sheet Members Section
Information is provided clarifying the position relating to differences between canola meal, canola quality juncea meal and traditional juncea (mustard) meal.

News Article (20 Mar 2013)
Use by Date Guidelines
Bagged or packaged stockfeed products require a use by date or best before statement on feed labels. The SFMCA has provided greater direction in the setting of the period of time between manufacture and when feed should be consumed. Members can download the guidelines from the FeedSafe Manual section of this website.

Document (14 Sep 2012)
SFMCA Submission - Cost Recovery Arrangements in the APVMA
This letter to DAFF is in response to the first-principles review of the APVMA's cost recovery arrangements. The SFMCA does not support any shift in cost recovery that results in higher upfront registration costs for new products being registered. This is seen as a major disincentive for new products being made available for Australian livestock producers.

Document (14 Sep 2012)
SFMCA Submission - National Food Plan Green Paper
This submission addresses a number of the areas raised within the National Food Plan Green Paper that are of significance to the stockfeed manufacturing sector.

News Article (18 Jul 2012)
FeedSafe Visual Identity - Press Release
The SFMCA has today released a new visual identity for the FeedSafe program. Announcing the release, John Spragg, SFMCA Executive Officer said the new logo re-inforces the message that “livestock producers should only purchase stockfeed supplied from FeedSafe accredited manufacturers”.

News Article (2 May 2012)
Feed Mill Hygiene Guidelines Released
The SFMCA Feed Mill Guidelines have been released to provide a consistent industry approach to hygiene programs operating within Australian feed mills.

News Article (26 Mar 2012)
SFMCA 2012 Development Award Winners Announced
The SFMCA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Development Award.

News Article (31 Jan 2012)
INTERVIEW: Meeting the Global Feed Industry's Challenges Through Coordination
This article provides interview responses from Alexandra de Athayde, Executive Director, International Feed Industry Federation.

Document (31 Jan 2012)
GTA Weed Seed Review Submission Members Section
This submission relates to proposed changes to the weed seed standards in cereal grains.

Document (30 Nov 2011)
IFIF Factsheet
This factsheet provides information about the International Feed Industry Federation. The SFMCA is a member of IFIF.

Document (31 Aug 2011)
FeedSafe Review 2011 Report to Members Members Section
The SFMCA has undertaken a review of FeedSafe and this report provides a overview of the results of the review and recommendations adopted by the Federal Council. The recommendations will be implemented over the next 6 - 9 months.

News Article (19 May 2011)
Updated ARA Accreditation Listing
FeedSafe accredited sites using RAM should download the ARA accredited rendering establishments listing from the FeedSafe Manual.

Document (8 Apr 2011)
SFMCA Submission Ag Vet Chemical RIS for control of use regulations Members Section
This submission addresses proposed alterant options for changes in the regulations for Assessment, Regsitration and Control of Use of Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals.

News Article (23 Nov 2010)
Senate Hearing - EADRA Horse Levy
The SFMCA Executive Officer, John Spragg has spoken at the Senate Hearing held 19 November 2010. This hearing has been looking at the horse industry signing the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement and the levy collection options to fund the response to an exotic disease outbreak in the horse industry. SFMCA supports the horse industry in signing EADRA, there are however differences of opinion in the most effective method of collecting the levy from horse owners. The SFMCA does not agree to the levy being applied to manufactured horse feeds.

News Article (22 Oct 2010)
APVMA Stock foods and stock food additives guidelines updated
The APVMA has released via their website guidance on the definition of a veterinary chemical products with particular reference to stock food non active ingredients.

News Article (10 Sep 2010)
SFMCA EADRA Horse Levy Media Release
This is an SFMCA Media Release relating to our industries objection to the proposal to use manufactured feed as a means of collecting horse industry EADRA levies. The purpose of this media release is to alert the wider industry and general public to the significant cost increase of horse feed and wormers that will result from the levy application. The SFMCA is working to stop the introduction of the levy on manufactured horse feeds and we understand that the manufacturers of horse wormers also do not want the levy on their products. Our view is that the horse industry must adopt other levy collection options that require levies to be collected directly from horse owners. For further information please contact, John Spragg Executive Officer SFMCA Phone: 03 9769 7170 Email: contact@sfmca.com.au

Document (25 Aug 2010)
Feed Grain Partnership Handout
Information about the Feed Grain Partnership is provided. This organisation brings livestock, grains and the stockfeed industries together the address common research and development goals in feed grains.

Document (28 Jun 2010)
SFMCA letter to Animal Health Australia on EADRA Horse Feed levies Members Section
This letter sets out the SFMCA's objection to using horse feed as a means of collecting levies in response to exotic disease outbreaks in the horse industry. Applying a levy on the sale of manufactured horse feed is biased against horse owners buying feed. Those owners not feeding their horse or mixing their own feeds would not pay any levy. The SFMCA is fighting against proposals to use the feed industry as a levy collection tool.

News Article (9 Feb 2010)
MLA Vendor Declaration Forms Released
MLA releases new Vendor Declaration Forms for stock feed ingredients.

Document (28 Jan 2010)
Vegetable Protein Meal Dangerous Goods Guidelines Members Section
These guidelines relate to the storage of vegetable protein meals that are classified as dangerous goods due to self combustion. The guidelines provide directions to allow compliance with work safety authority regulations.

News Article (29 Jun 2009)
Revised Code of GMP and FeedSafe Audit Documents Released
The SFMCA has released a revised edition of the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for the Feed Milling Industry. This follows endorsement of the revised Code by the Primary Industries Ministerial Council and the Commonwealth Animal Health Committee.

News Article (11 Sep 2008)
Relase of Feed Ingredient Purchasing Guidelines
Feed mills as part of FeedSafe need to have an approved supplier list, with this being based upon supliers capacity to supply low risk feed ingredients.

News Article (14 May 2008)
Stock Feed Legislation Listing
Legislation for the manufacture and supply of stock feed has been updated and is available to SFMA members on the FeedSafe Manual page of this website.

News Article (29 Apr 2008)
AOF Presentation - Implications of ending the GM Canola Moratoria
This presentation provides details relating to global GM crop production and the 2008 Australian canola crop. Details relating to the production of GM canola and methods of segregation of canola seed through to canola meal are presented.

News Article (2 Apr 2008)
ARA Accredited Rendering Site Listing
SFMCA members can download the listing of ARA Accredited Rendering Sites from the FeedSafe section of our website. This listing identifies Australian rendering plants that have met accreditation standards.

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