Facts & Figures

The latest estimate of annual feed use in Australia is 13.0 million tonnes in 2015/16 (Source JCS Solutions). This volume excludes pasture grazing, hay and silage and does not account for spikes in feed usage in times of drought feeding.

Livestock feed is supplied from:

  • Commercial feed mills operated by specialist stock feed manufacturers
  • Integrated poultry and pig livestock producers
  • Beef feedlots mixing feeds on-site
  • On-farm production either in a home-mix mill or simple mixing operations.

The breakdown of feed use by livestock sector is presented in the chart below.

Total feed use is greatly influenced by seasonal conditions affecting pasture growth, costs of grain and the economics of producing meat, milk and eggs.

To gain a perspective on the size of the Australian livestock feeding industry, Australia’s stock feed use at 13.0 million tonnes can be compared against almost one billion tonnes manufactured globally. The USA, China Europe and Brazil are the largest feed manufacturers.

SFMCA members manufacture over 5.5 million tonnes of feed annually with this representing around 90% of commercial feed sold in Australia.