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26/02/2019 Bulk Grain Import Information Session
The attached presentation was provided to attendees at an information session on Bulk Grain Imports held by the Australian Government on 25th February 2019 in Canberra.
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12/02/2019 Australian Veterinary Antimicrobial Stewardship Conference 2018 - Presentations
The Australian Veterinary Antimicrobial Stewardship Conference 2018 was held on the Sushine Coast between 11th and 13th November 2018. It brought together government, researchers, industry and stakeholders. Please find the presentations here. The attached document has blue URLs that will take you to each of the presentations. A password may be required which is AVAMS18.
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12/02/2019 Australian Veterinary Antimicrobial Stewardship Conference 2018 - Proceedings
The Australian Veterinary Antimicrobial Stewardship Conference 2018 was held on the Sunshine Coast between 11th and 13th November 2018. It brought together government, researchers, industry and stakeholders. Please find the proceedings here.
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16/12/2018 AusScan Calibration 2018
Presentation by Charles Rikard Bell from Pork CRC and APRIL to the Victorian Branch meeting on the 28th November 2018.
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02/07/2018 Tim Hollier, Vic Dept Ag - Red Meat Sector
Presentation made by Tim Hollier to the SFMCA Vic/Giav members meeting June 2018.
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02/07/2018 Lachie Stevens, Lachstock Consulting - Grain East Coast S&D Update
A presentation from Lachie Stevens to the SFMCA Vic/GIAV meeting on the east coast grain supply and demand situation. 
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02/07/2018 Darryl Borlase, ADM - Black Sea Grain Supply
A presentation from Darryl Borlase from ADM on grain production in the Black Sea and impact on global grain markets.
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02/07/2018 Dale Grey - Weather and changing patterns impact on agriculture
A presentation by Dale Grey, Vic Dept Ag made to the SFMCA Vic/GIAV meeting held 28 June 2018.
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02/07/2018 Michael Harvey, Rabobank - The big milk battle has begun
Presentation made by Michael Harvey from Rabobank to the combined SFMCA Vic and GIAV members meeting held 28th June 2018. The presentation looks at the state of the dairy industry and trade agreements.
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19/12/2017 Dust Explosion Awareness
Presentation made to SFMCA Vic members meeting ehld 6 December 2017.
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30/10/2017 SFMCA Energy Survey Report 2017
The 2017 annual energy survey of SFMCA members has been completed and provides energy use and cost data for the industry.
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28/02/2017 SFMCA 2016 Energy Survey Report
This is the fifth annual report where SFMCA members have been surveyed to provide data on energy use in the manufacture of stockfeeds. The data provides information to feed mills allowing them to benchmark their performance. The survey looks at the calculated CO2 emissions from the feed manufacturing process. 
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24/01/2017 Feed Quality - European Feed Manufacturers
This is a report about European feed quality wirtten by Jeremy Harrison as part of an ISSI study tour completed in 2016. The work is based on feed mills visits and collection of feed samples and information. Pelleted feed samples were collected and tested for quality. The report looks at the variation in quality found from the mills visited. 
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28/10/2016 FGP Feed Grain Supply & Demand Report 2016
The latest report from the Feed Grain Partnership looking at Australian feed grain supply and demand. This report provides data on Australian feed use by livestock sector and state. In 2015/16 there was 13MMT of animal feeds used across all livestock industries. This figure is forecast to decline in 2016/17 due to a drop in beef feedlot cattle numbers and reduced feed use by dairy farmers. Feed use by the broiler, layer and pig industries is expected to increase in line with recent year growth rates. 
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23/07/2015 Silo Safety Alert - Revised Document Released
This document provides information on safety around silos. Feed manufacturers, farmers and truck drivers should take note of the issues raised. The document has been revised to include directions on silo lids.
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01/07/2015 Queensland Biofuels Mandate - SFMAQ & SMFCA Submission
This submission identifies the reasons why the stockfeed industry objects to any mandated level of biofuels within motor fuel. Governments should not favour one industry over another, the mandated use of ethanol will inflate Queensland grain prices at the expense of feed for animal feeding. This will put livestock production under greater financial pressure and lead to rising food prices. Queensland has a feed grain supply shortage and conversion to fuel rather than food should not be dictated by government regulation. The ethanol industry has to be economically viable without government intervention.
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28/05/2013 Overview of the Personal Property Securities Act
This document provided by GTA looks at the changes introduced through the Personal Property Securities Act introduced effective from January 2012. The new legislation has implications in both the purchaser of raw materials and the supply of stockfeed for manufacturers. In particular debt control staff should have an understanding of the benefits that are available through use of the PPS Register.
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21/05/2013 AOF Canola & Juncea Fact Sheet
Information is provided clarifying the position relating to differences between canola meal, canola quality juncea meal and traditional juncea (mustard) meal.
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22/04/2013 Photo News article - Grant Williams
Photo Grant Williams to go with news article "Concentrate feeds lift dairy incomes"
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22/04/2013 Photo News article - Ken Clark
Photo Ken Clark - "Dairy returns from stockfeed on the rise".
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22/04/2013 Photo News article - John Cotton
Photo John Cotton "Concentrate feeds add $435m to milk income".
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22/04/2013 Dairy returns from stockfeed on the rise
Berrigan dairy farmer Ken Clark says feeding cows well is essential to get the most from improved herd genetics.
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22/04/2013 News Article - Concentrate feeds lift dairy incomes
Gippsland dairy farmer Grant Williams says grain-based concentrates increase production and also help to maintain the health of his cows.
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22/04/2013 News Article - Concentrate feeds add $435m to milk income
At Birregurra, in Victoria’s southwest, concentrates have proven crucial in maintaining the health and productivity of John and Clare Cotton’s dairy herd.
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22/04/2013 Dairy Stockfeed Economic Analysis Report
SFMA Vic has released a report on the economic benefits of using dairy concentrates. This independent report identifies that use of dairy concentrates annually increases Victorian dairy farm profitability by $110M or for the average dairy farm $24,036.
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13/08/2012 SFMCA Stockfeed Supplier Declaration
This declaration is used by SFMA member feed mills for supply of feed to livestock producers and feed resellers.
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25/08/2010 Feed Grain Partnership Handout
Information about the Feed Grain Partnership is provided. This organisation brings livestock, grains and the stockfeed industries together the address common research and development goals in feed grains.
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24/10/2007 Guide to Taking Out Grain Contracts
Guidelines are provided for grain growers in supplying grain under contract. A checklist is included to assist in contract administration.
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10/02/2005 Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for the Feed Industry
Minimum standards for the manufacture of stockfeed in Australia.
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