Australia is a significant producer of livestock products, including chicken meat and eggs, pork, beef, lamb, dairy products and fish, which are supplied to domestic and export markets. In order to produce these animal products, there is a need for high quality animal feeds. The stock feed manufacturing industry produces compound animal feeds to meet the requirements of Australian livestock producers.

The Stockfeed Manufacturers Council of Australia (SFMCA) is a National industry association, representing corporate and individual manufacturers of stock feed located through out Australia. The SFMCA had its beginnings in 1961, when a "Federal Association of Stock Feed Manufacturers" was formed. From the Associations inception, it has played an active role in addressing national industry issues, many of these relating to raw material ingredient supply, quality standards, government legislation regulations and grains industry issues.

The SFMCA is structured with a governing Federal Council, comprising elected representatives from each State SFMCA Branch.

There are State branches of SFMCA in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria (includes Tasmania), South Australia and Western Australia.

Individual stock feed manufacturers are classed as Full members, with the mandatory requirement that they complete FeedSafe accreditation for all their manufacturing sites. New members are classed as Provisional Members until they complete FeedSafe during their first 12 months of membership.

The SFMCA accepts Associate Members, these being companies or individuals who have an interest and involvement with the stock feed industry. Many entities supplying products and services to stock feed manufacturers are Associate members.